About us

Since 2002, we have been manufacturing foam concrete machines. To date, we have manufactured several thousand foam concrete machines.

Our company offers reliable mobile foam concrete machines, which will be useful for beginning manufacturers of building materials, as well as for developers of small plots. To start the production of foam concrete, you will only need to connect a plant for the production of foam concrete to the power grid. Our technical developments, a small number of staff and almost complete absence of overheads make the cost of our reliable installations for the production of foam concrete 30-40% lower than the cost of similar machines offered on the market of construction equipment today.

The number of parts is minimized, therefore in our high-quality foam concrete machines there are no nodes that create the danger of any breakdown. It makes our machines reliable and unpretentious under the most hardcore operations.

Foam concrete machines features

The formulation of the mixture is selected in such a way that no special dispensers and trained specialists are required.

Each foam concrete machine is completed with a detailed description. You can start lightweight concretes manufacturing without much effort. It does not require training and experience with construction machinery.

We provide technical support and advice to our customers. This helps to start the production of lightweight concrete right at the construction site at no extra cost.

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