Here you will find answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ) about the foam concrete manufacturing, polystyrene concrete and foamed concrete clc blocks. And also learn how to choose and buy foam concrete machine.

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Payment, shipping, warranty

How about shipping, delivery cost?

Foam concrete machine shipping

Depending on your country and shipping method, we may do door-to-door or storage. In the first case, you will receive a fully cleared cargo with customs duties and taxes paid. In the second case, you will need to take care of the customs clearance of cargo and paying taxes yourself.
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How to buy foam concrete machine?

How to buy foam concrete machine CLC mixer

It is very easy to purchase a foam concrete machine. We will always help you to do this.
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Why the BAS130 delivery cost is more expensive than BAS200 delivery cost?

Foam concrete machine shipping

The BAS130 delivery cost is calculated based on the machine weight. But the transport company considers delivery taking into account not only the weight but also the size of the cargo. With a comparatively equal mass, the dimensions of the BAS130 in the part of the rear support (where the wheels are) are larger than those of the BAS200.
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How is the equipment packaged before shipment?

Foam concrete machine packing

Before delivery to the local shipping company, foam concrete machines and other cargo are wrapped in packing tape. This protects cargo from moisture during shipping. Packed in packing tape foam concrete machine is transfer to the terminal of the local shipping company where further preparation is made before shipment.
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How to buy foam concrete block molds?

Foam concrete block mould

Foam concrete block moulds can be made independently according to the drawings that we provide when you placing order for foam concrete machine.
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Lightweight concrete machines

What type of foam concrete machine is better – with a foam generator or without a foam generator?

The best foam concrete machine

Choose the foam concrete machone that is more maintainable in any operating conditions, and comparable for your budget.
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Foam generator included?

Foam concrete machines

Lightweight concrete manufacturing using our machines don’t required foam generator. The foam concrete quality as well as its strength does not depend in any way on the method of foam generating. The density of manufactured foam concrete fully corresponds to the declared our machines technical specifications (using our recommendations).
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How to choose air compressor for foam concrete machine?

The main thing to pay attention to is that the compressor for the foam concrete manufacturing was able to provide air to the mixing machinery for the foam concrete production in full or with a productivity margin.
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What is a pack cutter?

Pack cutter

What is a pack cutter or bag cutter? The loading container with the function of a bag cutter is designed to facilitate and simplify the cement loading into the foam concrete machine. It is a removable funnel-shaped unit with a serrated knife for cutting the cement bags.
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What is a rotation controller and why is it needed?

Rotation controller

The rotation regulator is a frequency converter of supply voltage. It is installed on foam concrete machines BAS130 and BAS200, which are powered from a 220 volt network.
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What are the requirements for the power supply for foam concrete machines?

Foam concrete machine power supply

The most important of these conditions is the availability of a stable power supply declared in accordance with the requirements described in the foam concrete machine technical manual.
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Lightweight concrete manufacturing

How to start foam concrete blocks manufacturing?

Foam concrete blocks manufacturing

When starting the foamed concrete blocks manufacture, you should not purchase bulky and expensive complexes, since you first need to start producing that foam concrete mixture that suits you and meets the standards of your country with minimal costs.
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Why do cracks appear on foam concrete blocks?

Cracks on foam concrete blocks

In most cases, the cause is not bad materials or poor casting technology. And certainly not in the equipment for the production of foam blocks. The reason is that all cement-containing products require a certain period and drying regime after production. To prevent cracks from appearing, the blocks need to create hardening conditions and appropriate storage conditions under which the foam concrete “matures”.
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What cement for foam concrete manufacturing is better to use?

Cement for lightweight concrete manufacturing

For the foam concrete manufacturing, cement CEM I 42,5 R is most suitable and recommended.
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Can you tell us in more detail how to operate machines? How to manufacture foam concrete blocks?

How to manufacture foam concrete blocks

Us are often asked to tell in detail about the technology of foam concrete blocks and foam concrete manufacturing using foam concrete machines BAS series. Despite the fact that this technology is really simple, in this article we will tell you how to manufacture foam concrete blocks and other lightweight clc blocks.
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Explain please what the terms on your site mean?

Foam concrete terms

On our site, we use terms such as foaming agent, plasticizer, fiber and many others. Each of these terms is associated with lightweight concrete production technology.
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Which foam concrete blocks are the most commonly used in the construction of houses and garages?

Foam concrete blocks manufacturing is easy

Foam concrete CLC blocks are building blocks a few bricks in size with a mass less than concrete, which is very convenient for construction. One such block of size 200 x 300 x 600 (one of the most popular sizes) can replace 13 – 15 ordinary or silicate bricks when laying.
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Which sand is better to use for the foam concrete manufacturing?

Sand for foam concrete manufacturing

In the foam concrete or foam concrete blocks manufacturing, the sand should be sifted, fine fraction, and without clay.
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What is the maximum height that foam concrete can be pumped to?

Foam concrete pumping

The maximum pumping height for foamed concrete using a pneumatic feed is 6 meters. Polystyrene concrete can be pumped to any height.
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