Foam concrete block mould

Foam concrete block mould
Foam concrete block mould is one of the most important parts of the foam concrete blocks manufacturing.

Why our company do not manufacture molds for foam concrete blocks?

Questions about molds for foam blocks are perhaps one of the most common. And it’s not surprising. They are faced with all the producers of foam blocks. We are often asked why we do not produce or sell molds for foam blocks.

The fact is that we do not “not know how” to produce them. Most of our customers are beginning manufacturers of foam blocks and foam concrete. Those who order from us are no longer the first installation have already decided the question of the forms. A novice manufacturer always faces a limited budget. The policy of our company with respect to our clients is that we are interested in long-term cooperation, and no matter how strange it sounds, we do not try to get as much money from the buyer as possible. Not one manufacturer of equipment will ever tell you that most of the costs associated with the start of production of foam blocks are related to the forms.

In disassembled form, the forms are cut sheets of metal of a certain length stacked in a bag. Our customers are private individuals and organizations from the territory of the whole CIS and abroad. If we produced the forms we would have to send them by the transport company. When you come to you these metal sheets would probably cost well, if not as gilded then as silver-plated – for sure. And their cost is many times higher than the cost of the equipment for the production of foam concrete. We think about you and therefore honestly say – it is cheaper and easier to make the form in the place.

Foam concrete block mould – buy or do on the spot yourself?

When choosing molds for foam blocks, never believe the manufacturers’ advertising promises that their molds are the best because they are manufactured using laser cutting and precision technology. At all the factories, not Martians but ordinary people like you are working. There are no forms that “do not flow”. It is an ordinary metal collected like wooden bottle boxes of the times of socialism. Everything is very simple.

In the appendix to each contract, we send the card for cutting metal for free for which you can buy steel sheet 3mm at any metal warehouse. In the same place or independently, you can cut through our drawings sheets on the guillotine, make slits and collect in your shop molds. Do not doubt the rigidity and durability of these forms. 14 years of experience in our work give us the right to assert this.

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