Foam concrete pumping height

Foam concrete pumping height is one of the important aspects to which builders and lightweight concrete manufacturers should pay attention. It is important to understand that there are certain rules and restrictions that must be followed.

In this video, we answer a frequently asked question about how high a foam concrete can be pumped.

Recommended foam concrete pumping height

Let’s start with the fact that lightweight concretes are divided into foam concrete, aerated concrete, polystyrene concrete, e. t. c.

Using our machines you can manufacture foam concrete and polystyrene concrete too. You can pump foam concrete mortar up to 6 meters height. And if it is lightweight concrete with a density of 200-300 kg/m3 or polystyrene concrete, then the pumping height can be up to 9 meters.

This applies to our machines where mortar pneumatic pumping method use. It doesn’t matter which machine you use, BAS130, BAS200, BAS250, BAS350 or or even BAS500. That is, you apply pressure from the compressor to the machine, open the tap and the mortar is supplied through a hose to the place of unloading the lightweight concrete mortar.

Polystyrene concrete pumping height

The foam concrete pumping height differs from the pumping height of polystyrene concrete. This is due to the fact that these materials use different fillers.

If you are pumping polystyrene concrete, then, in principle, you can pour the mortar at least up to 3 meters in height at once. If you are building a monolithic construction, you can pump the polystyrene concrete mortar up to 12 meters or more.

As much as the power of the compressor or pump for the mortar allows, if you use it. The polystyrene concrete mortar features allow this to be done without any problems associated with a change in the microstructure of the building mortar.

If you are building a monolithic foam concrete house, regardless of the thickness of the wall, the height of the daily pouring should be no more than 60 centimeters. That is, make the formwork, fill foam concrete mortar in 60 centimeters, and stop. The next day, dismantle the formwork, reposition it and fill in the next 60 centimeters.

Pay attention to the change in the microstructure of foam concrete when pumping to a great height

We are sometimes asked:

Why did another machine manufacturer say that it is possible to pump a foam concrete solution up to 25 meters?

Firstly, foam concrete can be pumped 25 meters using our machines too. If you will use a concrete pump. Do not think that using machines from another manufacturer without using a concrete pump, you will be able to pump the lightweight concrete mortar up to 25 meters. This is done only using a concrete pump. When using a concrete pump, the foam concrete pumping height depends only on the power of the pumping device.

But keep in mind – if the foam concrete mortar is pumped with a concrete pump to a height of 25 meters, then if you make foam concrete with a density of 500 kg/m3, then at a height of 25 meters you will not get foam concrete but a plaster mix. And foam concrete pumping height does not depend on what kind of foaming agent is used – synthetic or protein or your beloved grandmother’s soap. In any case, the air bubbles will be collapsed from pressure. There is no such thing that would be good and harmless and with minimal funds.

We base our judgments either on our own experience and on the our customers experience. We had experience when our customers built the “Magnit” shopping center in the city of Sochi. Our customer was mixing foam concrete with a density of 400 kg/m3 so that the density of 650 kg/m3 would be at the height of the third floor when pumping the mixture horizontally by 50 meters.

If the machine delivers the lightweight concrete mortar using a concrete pump to a height of 25 meters, then a structural change in the foam concrete is guaranteed. Therefore, we do not promise what cannot be.

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