Foamed concrete manufacturing without foam generator use

We are often asked – if the foam generator is included in the kit?
No. The foam generator is not included in the set because our machines use barotechnology. Barotechnology using, a foam generator is not required, since the foam generation occurs directly during the mortar batch in the machine. No additional tools or machinery is required for foam generating using our machines.

Foam concrete machines manufactured by our company do not require foam generator

The quality of foam concrete as well as its strength does not depend in any way on the method of foam generating. The density of manufactured foam concrete fully corresponds to the declared our machines technical specifications (using our recommendations).

Protein or synthetic foaming agent?

Often, foam generator machines manufacturers declare that the protein foaming agent using increases the density of the manufactured foam concrete.
It’s a lie. And an attempt to mislead an inexperienced customer.
Regardless of the type – the foaming agent is the component that creates the foam. And it is just a concentrated “soap” solution. Which can in no way affect the density and strength of the manufactured foam concrete. Strength and density are only influenced by the amount of cement and / or special additives.
We recommend a synthetic foaming agent for foam concrete manufacturing using our machines.

Is it possible to manufacture low density foam concrete without using a foam generator?

Another of the common misconceptions imposed by foam generator machines manufacturers is the statement that it is impossible to produce low density foam concrete without using foam generetor.

It’s a delusion. Our customers manufacture screeds of ceiling slabs using monolithic foam concrete a density of up to 150 kg/m3.

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