How to choose foam concrete machine

How to choose foam concrete machine

Select the foam concrete machine. Video review.

The choice of foam concrete machine determines a lot in your future work – whether it’s private construction or the production of foam concrete or foam blocks for sale. How to choose reliable equipment for production foam concrete? What should I pay attention to when choosing a foam plant? What design features should be considered if you decide to buy a foam comcrete machine?

About the shortcomings of machines for the production of foam concrete with a lower shaft fastening, the author of the installations of the BAS series tells. The example of foam concrete machine which have worked over seven years without a single breakdown is given.

Absence of downtime is the main task

The absence of downtime associated with the repair of equipment is an important condition for any successful work. Especially it concerns the construction and production of building materials. Foam concrete is no exception. In order to avoid further financial losses, it is worth paying special attention to the choice of equipment with which you are going to work and, first of all, to such a question as the choice of foam concrete machine. After all, the design of the installation determines its reliability. Foam concrete machines vary in many parameters and design.

One of the important parameters is the design of the mixer shaft attachment. In foam concrete machines vary in many parameters and design. with a vertical shaft, the fastening can be upper, lower or combine both methods of attachment. The way of fastening the shaft is an indicator of the reliability of the installation

Lower fastening is a significant drawback

We are often approached by customers who purchased not even our equipment with repair and maintenance issues. In addition, we have been producing foam concrete machines for many years. In the process of development, we take into account the experience and mistakes of both our own and other manufacturers. We tested and constantly test the most different options for equipment modernization. Having many years of experience in the production of foam concrete machine, it has been shown that installations with a lower shaft attachment have one significant drawback. After a while, they begin to break due to the failure of the assembly of the lower attachment.

At the same time, for installations with foam tops with upper shaft fastening such as BAS130BAS200BAS250BAS350BAS500, there are no failures associated with this design feature. Therefore, we only produce installations with a top mount.

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