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Mobile foam concrete machine (CLC mixer) BAS350 for lightweight concretes and CLC blocks manufacturing.

BAS350 foam concrete machine overview

Mobile foam concrete machines for the lightweight concrete manufacturing of increased productivity BAS350 designed for the lightweight concretes manufacturing by mechanical whipping of cement-sand mixture and foam (depending on the formulation) followed by pneumatic unloading on a concrete pipe to the place of use. This machine belongs to the class of powerful mobile foam concrete machines. This foamed concrete machine have high volume and high productivity in its class. This clc mixer designed for manufacture foamed concrete and pouring walls, floors, roofs. Filling of the prepared building voids, manufacturing of CLC blocks from foam concrete and polystyrene concrete of various size, density and purpose.


This lightweight concrete machine is universal and allows to receive foam concrete, polystyrene concrete and other materials on the basis of a concrete mix. Mixer of the plant promote efficient mixing of concrete mass, intensive air entrainment and even distribution of all its components to obtain a homogeneous mixture, allows to create excess internal pressure with the help of an external air compressor with a capacity of 600 liters/min with a receiver of 100 liters (available separately) and feeding the mixture to the place of installation by means of compressed air.


This machine refers to mobile stations for the manufacturing and supply of foam concrete and foam polystyrene concrete and foam concrete mixes, for use directly on construction sites or in workshops for the production of foam concrete products (CLC blocks). Can work both permanently and mobile. To date, this installation is an indispensable thing for the construction of objects and also for the production of plaster mixtures. It can also be used for the production of foam concrete blocks (CLC blocks) and foam concrete with a density of 200 to 900kg /m³.

Economic advantage

Light weight and dimensions allow it to be transported in a trailer of a car like pick-up, which minimizes transportation costs. BAS350 is made in such a way that there is practically nothing to break. The only consumable in it is the graphite grease, which is sold in any technical store. Low cost of this equipment allows to reduce commercial risk of its operation to a minimum.

Foam concrete CLC blocks manufacturing using BAS350

This machine used for foam concrete blocks various sizes and densities manufacturing. This lightweight concrete machine designed for manufacturing:

  • wall blocks (for masonry walls)
  • partition blocks (used in the construction of partitions inside buildings)
  • universal blocks (universal blocks with custom dimensions)

The lightweight concrete blocks density depends on their application and can be from 200 to 900 kg/m³

Monolithic foam concrete production using BAS350

Due to its mobility, BAS350 is used for the production of monolithic foamed concrete of various densities. This foamed concrete machine allows you to produce:

  • construction of walls (external and internal walls of buildings)
  • screed construction
  • construction of thermal and sound insulation (floors and ceilings)
  • filling voids with monolithic foam concrete

The density of monolithic foam concrete depends on the purpose and can be from 200 to 900 kg/m³

Polystyrene concrete production using BAS350

This clc machine is a perfect machine for the polystyrene concrete products manufacturing. This ecological material is increasingly being used in modern construction. Due to its technical characteristics, BAS350 perfectly copes with the task of producing any products from polystyrene concrete. Also, this foamed concrete machine is suitable for the production of monolithic polystyrene concrete. We provide technical support and formulation for the polystyrene concrete various densities manufacturing using this machine. Like foamed concrete, polystyrene concrete is an excellent thermal and sound insulator. One of its advantages of polystyrene concrete is the absence of restrictions on the daily height of pouring in monolithic construction.

Weight 216 kg
Dimensions 140 × 80 × 145 cm
Batch volume

0.35 m³

Batch duration

7 min.

Loading height

90 cm

Mixing system pressure

0.6 kg/cm²

Mortar density

200 – 900 kg/m³

Pumping distance (horizontal)

20 m

Pumping distance (vertical)

6 m

Total power

5.5 kW


380V 50Hz three phase

Additionally required

Air compressor capacity 400 l/min, receiver 50 l, Hosepipe ∅50 mm

Place of Origin

Tuapse, Russia

After-sale Service Provided

Online support

After Warranty Service

Online support, Video technical support

Applicable Industries

Construction works, Manufacturing Plant

Brick Raw Material

Lightweight concrete

Brick size




Core Components

Bearings, Belts, Motor

Key Selling Points

High Productivity, Long Service Life, Mobility

Local Service Location


Machinery Test Report


Marketing Type

New Product


Cyclic Turbulent Mixer



Other Names

aircrete machine, aircrete mixer, clc machine, CLC mixer

Packaging Details

Metal Crate, Wooden Crate


Brick Production Line, Monolithic Lightweight Concretes Production Line

Product Type

foam concrete machine, lightweight concrete machine

Shelf life



Building Surface, CLC product, Construction Material, Filling Material

Video outgoing-inspection



1 Year

Warranty of core components

1 Year

4 reviews for BAS350

  1. Sergey, Altai

    Using BAS350 for 3 batches i produce 24 foam concrete blocks. I am fully satisfied with the machine. The machine operating without any troubles.

  2. Alexey and Victor, Smolensk

    I do not regret that I bought BAS350. Good machine.

  3. Dilmurod, Karaganda

    BAS350 is the best machine for foam concrete clc block fast serial manufacturing. We have been using it to produce blocks since 2015. No complaints.

  4. Ekaterina, Sochi

    BAS350 is a very reliable machine. We build houses using light steel thin-walled constructions technology. This machine is very simple and easy to use. There are no complaints.

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