Foam concrete hose

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Reliable reinforced modern foam concrete hose 10 meters long. It is used for unloading and pumping of a ready-made mortar in the lightweight concretes manufacturing as well as clc foamed concrete blocks.

Foam concrete hose overview

The hose for the foam concrete manufacturing is made of strong plastic. It serves for supplying the ready-made lightweight concrete mortar from the foam concrete machine directly to the pouring place. It can be used in monolithic lightweight concrete structures pouring, insulation and various voids foamed concrete filling. And also in the foam concrete clc blocks manufacturing. The hose is made with a reinforced structure. And thanks to this, it does not have deformation in places of bends. This prevents the occurrence of increased pressure when the mortar is supplied. The reinforced structure also protects hose against accidental crushing.


The most popular in the production of lightweight concrete today is this reinforced hose. The material is characterized by high strength, elasticity, resistance to ultraviolet radiation, temperature extremes (from -20 to 90ºC), chemical reagents, deformations, and has an affordable cost. This hose is designed for a pressure range of 1 to 5 atmospheres. Please note that this hose cannot be used for drinking water. This foam concrete hose is characterized by good flow capacity without affecting its integrity, so it can be used around the clock for the lightweight concrete pumping. Thanks to its flexible and resilient structure, this hose can be easily coiled without deformation.


The hose for the foam concrete manufacturing designed for unloading the ready-made mortar from the lightweight concrete machine and pumping the foam concrete solution to the place of unloading the mixture.
The hose can supply:

  • foam concrete
  • polystyrene concrete
  • sawdust concrete
  • other lightweight concrete with a mortar fraction size not exceeding 5 mm.

Extending the solution delivery length with multiple hoses

Sometimes it is required to pump the mortar at a distance of more than 10 meters. This happens when the foam concrete machine is located at a distance from the place of unloading. The easiest way to do this is to dock several hoses. Foam concrete hose can be used in connection with various adapters for attachment to foam concrete machines. With adapters at both ends, the hose can be connected to another foam concrete hose to increase the lightweight concrete mortar pumping distance. Thus, it is possible to increase the length of pumping the mixture from the foam concrete machine to the place where the finished mortar is supplied without using additional pumps.

Hose maintenance

In order for the hose to serve for a long time, it is necessary to maintain it and prevent the accumulation of residual concretes mortar after a work shift. For this, it is necessary to wash it. To rinse the hose, a certain amount of water must be pumped through it. The easiest way to do this is as follows:

  1. Connect the hose to the foam concrete machine.
  2. Pour several buckets of water into the machine.
  3. Turn on the rotation of the machine shaft.
  4. Apply air pressure 1 bar.
  5. Open the solution supply valve.
  6. Pour out all the water from the mixer through the hose.

Repeat this procedure several times. This will extend the life of the hose.

Hose storage

The foam concrete hose must be stored in a place not accessible to sharp objects and chemicals, as well as away from fire and flammable objects. Despite the fact that the hose is reinforced, during the operation of the hose, mechanical stress and squeezing should be avoided.
The hose can be stored in unheated rooms.

This foam concrete hose is supplied in a coil 10 meters long. Delivery from 20 meters or more is possible.

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 60 × 60 × 30 cm

50 mm / 2"


10 m.




Red, Transparent

Supply temperature


Ambient temperature


After-sale Service Provided

Online support

Applicable Industries

Construction works, Manufacturing Plant

Key Selling Points

Convenience, Reliability



Other Names

Hose, Hosepipe, Lightweight concrete pipe

Place of Origin

Tuapse, Russia

Shelf life


Product Type

Foam concrete machine hose


Building Surface, CLC product, Construction Material, Filling Material

3 reviews for Foam concrete hose

  1. Alexander, Kaliningrad

    Our company is engaged in insulation of floors and ceilings. We bought the first hose 3 years ago and are still using it and are happy with our choice)))

  2. Denis, Moscow

    Good value for money.
    Does not break at kinks. Easy to clean.

  3. Mark, St. Petersburg

    Strong and reliable hose. Does not break or bend. And this is very important at the construction site. I recommend to everyone.

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