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Foaming agent “PB-Lux Super” is supplied in the form of a liquid with stabilizing and functional additives. It is used as a additive for obtaining pores in the production of foam concrete, polystyrene concrete and other lightweight concrete. It is a synthetic foaming agent. He has excellent performance. Allows you to get high profits at low costs.

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Foaming agent PB-Lux super overview

The PB-Lux Super foaming concentrate is supplied in the form of a liquid with stabilizing and functional additives. It is used as a foaming agent in the manufacturing of foam concrete, polystyrene concrete and other lightweight concretes. This synthetic foaming agent has excellent performance, allowing you to get high profits at low cost.


This foam concentrate is distinguished by ease of use, excellent compatibility with all kinds of additives used to improve the qualities of lightweight concrete produced, universal manufacturability and practicality of use. This foaming concentrate can be used with any technologies for the production of lightweight concrete – with the use of foam generators, mixed mixing technologies, as well as pressure technology. We recommend using this foaming agent for the lightweight concretes manufacturing using machines manufactured by our company without using a foam generator. Foaming agent PB-Lux Super creates good strength of foam concrete mass with high strength characteristics. Foaming agent PB-Lux Super is environmentally friendly and has no harmful effect.


Unlike protein foaming agents, it can be stored at high (up to + 50° C) temperatures without changing its characteristics. This foaming agent has a biodegradation rate of more than ninety percent. Foaming agent PB-Lux Super is able to easily endure multiple cycles of solidification and defrosting without loss of technological properties. With a pour point below minus 10° C, it can be stored in cold warehouses in the off-season. Vapors of PB-Lux Super foam concentrate are absolutely harmless to the environment. Foaming agent PB-Lux Super is a foaming additive with consistently controlled foam stability in the cement mass in each batch.

Performance benefits

  • Versatility. It is used in all known technologies for the production of foam concrete (classical technology, dry foam mineralization, foam barotechnology). The expansion rate of the foam varies from 5 to 50 by changing the equipment settings. Allows to obtain foam concrete with a density of 350-1200 kg / m3.
  • Compatibility. Compatible with all organic and inorganic additives used for modifying concrete.
  • Practicality. Contains all the necessary components to achieve high expansion and foam stability. Easy to dose and mix with water.
  • Stability. The foam stability coefficient in the cement paste exceeds 0.95.

Economic benefits

Reduced operating costs. The contribution of the cost of the foam concentrate PB-Lux to the cost of foam concrete is from 2 to 10% of the cost of raw materials. The best combination of price-quality-service.

Environmental benefits

Has no negative impact on the environment. Biologically soft product. Biodegradation is over 90%. Low hazard substance. Fire and explosion proof, non-toxic. Leaks do not disturb the balance of the environment

Consumption rates

This foaming agent forms foam with a multiplicity of 5 to 50 units.
It allows to produce foam concrete with a density of 200 to 1200 kg/m³ and more.
Foaming concentrate consumption depends on technology and production methods and ranges from 200 g/m³ to 800 g/m³.

Storage conditions

Store in sealed containers away from direct sunlight. Transportation by any means of transport. It has no hazard classes.

Packaging form

  • plastic containers in a metal crate 1000 liters;
  • plastic barrels 227 liters;
  • plastic cans 21,5 liters;

Packaging & Delivery

  • Foaming agent for foam concrete is wrapped in plastic film first before packing, which is to avoid moisture on the sea.
  • Foaming agent for foam concrete is putted in strong iron sheet case/wooden case which is free of fumigation, lined with metal wire if necessary.
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Dimensions N/A

eurocube 1000 l, plastic barrel 227 l, plastic canister 21 l

Shelf life

1 year


Surface active agent. Homogeneous liquid from transparent to dark yellow color.


Specific, characteristic of synthetic foaming agents.


A mixture of anionic surfactants with stabilizing and functional additives.


Chemical Auxiliary Agent

Other Names

concrete foaming agent, foaming agent, vesicant

Place of Origin

Tuapse, Russia


CLC product, Foaming agent for foam concrete, Construction, foaming agents, Surfactants


Store in sealed containers. Avoid exposure to sunlight.


Transportation by all means of transport is allowed. PB-Lux Super is a non-hazardous cargo.

Density at 20° С

1080 – 1100 kg/m³

Hydrogen exponent (pH)

8.0 – 11.0

Multiplicity of foam with a volume fraction of 4%

not less than 8.0

Foam stability (settling from initial volume)

no more than 10%

3 reviews for Foaming agent PB-Lux super

  1. David, Krasnodar

    Our company produces foamed concrete CLC blocks. We’ve tried many different foaming agents. But in the end we chose PB-Lux Super. It provides stable foaming at a low cost. We highly recommend this product for all manufacturers.

  2. Anton, St. Petersburg

    We are a big company. And for many years we have been engaged in construction using foam concrete. And I can say with confidence that at the moment it is the best foaming agent on the market. And not only because of the price. Such effective foaming without the use of a foam generator is not provided by any foaming agent.

  3. Pavel, Moscow

    An excellent foaming agent for aerated concrete and CLC blocks manufacturing. Especially for high speed foamed concrete mixers. The foam is stable and rises without problems.

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