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UP-2 plasticizer for foamed concrete manufacturing is a universal additive for lightweight concretes such as foam concrete and polystyrene-concrete based on cements. It is a plasticizer has the effect of accelerating the lightweight concretes hardening.

Plasticizer UP-2 description

This additive has maximum efficiency when used with cement produced without additional admixtures. The UP-2 is suitable for the production of lightweight concrete on all types of foam concretes machinery. Prossessing high efficiency, UP-2 is simple and safe during transportation, storage and use. UP-2 plasticizer for lightweight concretes manufacturing is compatible and always effective when used together with foaming agents and other additives of both organic and inorganic (mineral) composition.


The use of UP-2 in concrete mixes and mortars gives the following effects:

  1. Increasing workability and reducing the delamination of the concrete mix.
  2. Reducing the water content of the concrete mixture by 10% and the consumption of cement up to 5%.
  3. High water retention rate to prevent the mortar wall from cracking and ensuring construction quality.
  4. Extend the operable time of the mortar.
  5. Reduce the surface tension of the mortar, so that the mortar has better lubricity during construction, which greatly improves the construction performance of the mortar.
  6. Enhance the physical and chemical indicators of mortar strength.


This plasticizer has a wide range of applications. It is used in the production of lightweight and heavyweight concretes.

  • Foam concrete and polystyrene concrete production.
  • Lightweight concretes production using synthetic and protein foaming agents.
  • Production of all types of concrete products, including with the use of additional additives.
  • Production of reinforced concrete structures without prestressed reinforcement.
  • Ready-mixed concretes production with a certain degree of mix mobility.

Consumption rates UP-2 plasticizer

The consumption rate of UP-2 is 0.5% – 0.7% of the dry mass of cement. Depending on the goals and objectives of the additive application as well as the production technology, the dosage may differ from the indicated value. The consumption rate is determined empirically on the materials used in each individual case.


It is recommended to add this additive to the concrete mixture in the form of an aqueous solution of working concentration (it is recommended to dissolve the dry additive in water beforehand) together with mixing water.
Making process aqueous solution is carried out in special containers equipped with a mixing device and can be used steam devices for heating the solution to a temperature of 40-70 ° C in order to improve dissolution.
Prepare the solution necessary at positive ambient temperatures. The concentration of the aqueous solution is determined After a complete dissolving the dry additive, it is advisable to let the resulting solution settle for 12-24 hours.
After incorporation into the concrete mixture, it is recommended to provide sufficient mixing time to distribute the additive evenly in the mixture. The mixing time is chosen by the consumer based on the technology conditions.
The effectiveness of the concrete additive directly depends on the chemical composition of the cement and aggregates. When changing inert or binding concrete mixtures, it is recommended to adjust the composition of the mixture in the laboratory.

Appearance, storage and transportation

This plasticizer is produced in polypropylene bags with a polyethylene liner weighing 20 kg. It can be transported by any means of transport as it refers to non-hazardous cargo. This foamed concrete additive should be stored in its unopened original packaging in a dry place. It should be stored on pallets that provide protection against moisture and moisture. UP-2 shelf life is 12 months from the date of manufacture.

Safety requirements

The UP-2 additive does not emit harmful substances or vapors during storage. The introduction of the additive into the concrete mixture does not change the toxicological and hygienic characteristics of concrete. Hardened concrete with the addition of toxic substances to the air does not emit. In places of closed preparation of additive solutions and concrete mixtures, supply and exhaust ventilation must be provided.



Weight 20 kg
Dimensions 35 × 25 × 41 cm

20 kg/polypropylene bag

Place of Origin

Tuapse, Russia

Other Names

concrete plasticizer, mortar plasticizer


Construction Material

Shelf life

1 year




Yellow to brown

Mass fraction of dry matter

93% ± 5%

Hydrogen index (pH)

5 ± 1

4 reviews for Plasticizer UP-2

  1. Edgar, Ryazan

    I have not yet met a better plasticizer. It is the best plasticizer for foam concrete. The main thing is to dilute it in advance and problems will never arise absolutely.

  2. Sasha, Rostov

    Excellent plasticizer! Makes the mixture more fluid and pliable. Reduces water consumption.

  3. Peter, Kaliningrad

    I have been working in construction for a long time, so I understand additives. I have been using UP-2 for a long time. Perfectly! Used at different temperatures, everything is fine. The most economical and efficient plasticizer for this price.

  4. Mark, Moscow

    Previously, we used liquid plasticizers. But after we tried the UP-2 plasticizer, we realized how much you could save. The plasticizer has proven itself well in the production of both foam concrete and polystyrene concrete. We have a big construction company and we do not regret that we switched to the use of UP-2.

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