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  • BAS130 foam concrete machine
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  • BAS350 foam concrete machine
  • BAS500 foam concrete machine

Since 2002, we have been manufacturing lightweight concrete machines. We have manufactured over 2000 lightweight concrete machines. Our machines operate throughout the CIS and abroad. On our site you can order lightweight concrete CLC machines and other tools and additives for lightweight concretes manufacturing. Our company offers reliable mobile foam concrete machines, which will be useful for building materials manufacturers, as well as for developers and contractors. To start the production of foam concrete, you will only need to connect a foam concrete machine to the electric main.

The number of parts is minimized, therefore in our high-quality foam concrete machines there are no nodes that create the danger of any breakdown. It makes our machines reliable and unpretentious under the most hardcore operations.

Buying a foam concrete machine you get free of charge

Every customer is dear to us. And that’s why we provide assistance and technical support to all our clients.

Technical Support

We provide technical support, consulting and help for our customers at all stages of the manufacturing process.

Ingredients Composition

We provide composition of foam concrete ingredients and technical manuals for the manufacturing of lightweight concretes.

Molds Blueprints

For our customers, we provide free molds blueprints for the manufacturing of foam concrete blocks.

Get free composition of ingredients, and calculate the foam concrete cost price

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