Frequently asked questions about foam concrete machines

How is the equipment packaged before shipment?

Packaging foam concrete machine photo and video. Packaging foam concrete machine in the cage before shipping.

How to buy a foam concrete machine

Making an order for a foam concrete machine is very simple. Choose the foam concrete machine, make an order, pay the order.

Best foam concrete machine

What foam concretr machine is better? We answered on this question in this article.

Cracks on foam concrete blocks

Guidance on how to prevent the appearance of cracks on foam concrete blocks and polystyrene concrete blocks during their production and storage.

Compressor for the foam concrete machine

The foam concrete manufacturing requires compressed air. Learn how to choose air compressor for the of foam concrete manufacturing.

Foamed concrete manufacturing without the use foam generator

Foamed concrete manufacturing using mixers series BAS does not require a foam generator.

Foam concrete machine in Kazakhstan

Foam concrete machine in Kazakhstan at low prices from the manufacturer. Mobile foam concrete machines for the foam concrete blocks manufacturing.

How to manufacture foam concrete blocks

How to manufacture foam concrete blocks and foam concrete using foam concrete machines BAS series step-by-step instruction for beginners.

How to start to manufacture foam concrete bricks

When deciding how to start the production of foam concrete bricks, choose equipment that is easy to operate and maintain.

What cement for foam concrete is better to use?

Which is better to use cement for foam concrete, polystyrene concrete, starting the production of foam blocks at home or in construction.

Pack cutter for foam concrete manufacturing

What is the purpose of the pack cutter in the equipment for the production of foam blocks and foam concrete. The main purpose and use of the application.

Why BAS130 delivery is more expensive than BAS200 delivery

Comparison of the cost delivery of foam concrete machines BAS130 and BAS200

Power supply for foam concrete machines

The correct power supply for the equipment for the foam concrete blocks is how to prevent errors and do not burn the electric motor when connecting.

Rotation controller

What is a rotary controller? Using the rotary controller allows you to adjust the rotation speed of the equipment shaft for foam blocks and foam concrete.

Foam concrete machine delivery

Foam concrete machine worldwide delivery. Low prices. Quality assurance. Discounts. Technical support.

Molds for foam concrete blocks

The easiest way to make molds for foam concrete blocks with your own hands at home under the drawings that we give to everyone for free.

Foam concrete blocks - sizes, weight, characteristics, properties

Foam concrete blocks sizes and other foam concrete blocks properties used in building constructions.

Terms and concepts

Definitions of the most important and frequently used terms that are used on the site.

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