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What equipment for the production of foam concrete is better: the quality of foam concrete

What equipment for foam concrete production is better - with a foam generator or a mixer in terms of the quality of the output product is not so important if you meet all the requirements of the manufacturer of the equipment.

What equipment for the production of foam concrete is better: density of foam concrete

It used to be that it is possible to make low-density foam foam on a foam generator installation for use as a heater in a casting. Now this is not a critical parameter. On our equipment for the production of foam concrete using barotechnology for these purposes, it is possible to produce foam concrete with a density of 200 kg / m³.

What equipment for the production of foam concrete is better: the strength of foam concrete

In installations with a foam generator, a protein foaming agent can be used. But it is worth considering whether it is worth it. Do not believe in the legends about the fact that the foam concrete produced with the use of a protein foaming agent is stronger than the foam concrete produced on installations in which a synthetic foaming agent is used. The foaming agent is just a component that is essentially a concentrated soap solution. Its purpose - the formation of air bubbles in the form of foam. This is not a binding or reinforcing agent.

The strength of foam concrete is its density. The strength is also achieved by the presence of reinforcing additives in the form of fibrous fibers in the solution.


In the case of the baroque, the productivity in shift is higher due to the fact that the time for the foam filling is not expended, in contrast to installations with a foam generator.

What equipment for foam concrete is better: the price factor

This item is probably in most cases the most important when choosing the type of equipment for the production of foam concrete. Installations for the production of foam concrete working on barotechnology do not require a foam generator. Because of its importance, let's examine this factor in more detail.

The cost of any equipment consists of two parameters:
  • acquisition cost
  • the cost of ownership (overhead and depreciation of maintenance and maintenance costs)

If the purchase price is all the less clear, that is, if you purchase a bar installation you will save on the foam generator, then with the second parameter, not everything is so obvious. It should always be borne in mind and take into account that the foam generator entails the following costs:

  • features and skills in operation
  • periodic maintenance costs

These two parameters affect the cost of the final product and, accordingly, its competitiveness in the construction materials market. Thus, as you understand the lack of the need for a foam generator, it reduces the cost of the output product in the form of foam concrete or foam blocks and simplifies the production process.

Choose the type of installation that is more serviceable in all operating conditions, and is comparable in price to your budget.

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