Best foam concrete machine

The best foam concrete machine
The best foam concrete machine

1. Foam concrete and CLC blocks quality

It does not matter which machine for the high-quality foam concrete production is better in lightweight concretes production – with a foam generator or a modern high-speed mixer. If foam concrete manufacturer or foam concrete CLC blocks company complies with all the requirements of the machinery manufacturer, complies with the formulation of mixtures and does not save on cement and additives, it will always end up with a quality product.

2. Foam concrete density

Low density lightweight concretes is often used as a thermal insulator. In walls, floors and ceilings. Previously, using a foam generating machine, it was possible to produce low-density foam concrete. Now the type of foam concrete machine does not matter. Using modern foam concrete machines produced by our company, it is possible to manufacture foam concrete with a 200 kg/m³ density. And polystyrene concrete even with a density of 100 kg/m³.

3.Foam concrete strength

Foam-generator lightweight concrete machines mainly use a protein foaming agent. But it is worth considering, is it worth it? Do not believe the legends that foam concrete manufactured using a protein foaming agent is stronger than foam concrete manufactured using a synthetic foaming agent. Foaming agent is simply a component that is essentially a surfactant. Or a concentrated soap solution.

Its purpose is the formation of air bubbles in the form of foam in the mortar. It is not a binding or enhancing agent. Therefore, it has no effect on the strength of the final product. The strength of lightweight concrete is influenced only by the quality of the cement and the used reinforcing additives. Such as fiber. Also The strength of foam concrete depends on its density. So, the strength of the final product cannot be considered as a criterion when choosing the best foam concrete machine.

4.Foam concrete machine productivity

Among other characteristics, performance is one of the important attributes of the best foam concrete machine. Modern high-speed baro-mixers have a higher productivity per shift due to the fact that no time is spent on foam preparing and filling, in contrast to machines used a foam generator. In addition, the absence of a foam generator in the design increases the reliability of the baro-mixers.

A foam concrete machine without a foam generator will not be down if the foam generator suddenly breaks down.

5.Price for the best foam concrete machine

This item is probably in most cases the most important when choosing the type of foam concrete machinery. Foam concrete machines using barotechnology don’t require a foam generator. Because of its importance, let’s examine this factor in more detail. The price of any lightweight concretes machinery consists of two parameters:

  • purchase cost
  • ownership costs (overhead and amortization of upkeep and maintenance or support costs)

If the purchase price is all the less clear, that is, if you purchase a barotechnology machine you will save money on the foam generator, then with the second parameter, not everything is so obvious. It should always be borne in mind and take into account that the foam generator entails the following costs:

  • features and skills in operation
  • regular maintenance and technical support spending

These two items affect the final product (lightweight concrete or clc blocks) price and accordingly, its competitiveness in the construction materials market.
Thus, as you understand the lack of the need for a foam generator, it reduces the output foam concrete or foam blocks price and simplifies the production process. And it is the feature of the best foam concrete machine.

6.Polystyrene concrete and other lightweight concretes production

The best foam concrete machine is the one that has more functionality compared to others. Foam concrete machines produced by our company, in addition to foam concrete, are also used for the of polystyrene concrete and other lightweight concretes manufacturing. Therefore, they are a versatile tool for the production of various building materials. Due to the design features, foam generators machines cannot be used for the polystyrene concrete manufacturing.

Choose your best foam concrete machines that is more serviceable in all operating conditions, and is comparable in price to your budget.

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