What cement for foam concrete is better to use?

What cement for foam concrete is better to use in the production of foam blocks and in the construction of a house made of foam concrete?

In the foam concrete manufactueing using foam concrete machines BAS series, we recommend the use of cement CEM I 42,5 R. We are often asked which manufacturer is better. Better – the one who is checked, closer and cheaper. The main thing is that cement would meet the standard CEM I 42,5 R which we recommend.

This type of cement is the most famous and popular. It produces the majority of cement plants. Has a high margin of safety and excellent characteristics. Suitable for the production of virtually any work related to concreting and the production of building materials including foam concrete. There are cases of falsification of this cement and its replacement by CEM I 32,5 R or even CEM I 32,5 N or other cheaper cements. Therefore, be careful and take cement only from trusted suppliers

What to replace cement for foam concrete CEM I 42,5 R

Although it is undesirable, but cement for foam concrete CEM I 42,5 R can be replaced with the brand CEM I 32,5 R. Cement CEM I 32,5 R has lower strength characteristics. If you replace them with cement of the brand CEM I 42,5 R in the same proportions – this will affect the strength of foam blocks or foam concrete structures. This moment must be taken into account when calculating the specific amount of cement in the mixture. If you are still forced to use cement grade CEM I 32,5 R then it is necessary to increase its specific proportion by 20%, respectively, reducing the mass of sand per unit volume.

In conclusion, I want to say that to all our customers we send out a free recipe for the production of foam concrete for free. The recipe reflects the use of foam concrete as the brand CEM I 42,5 R and CEM I 32,5 R.

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