Foam concrete blocks - sizes, weight, characteristics, properties

What is a foam concrete block?

Foam concrete blocks are building blocks obtained from foam concrete. It is a building block the size of several bricks with a mass less than concrete, which is very convenient for construction. One such block with a size of 200 x 300 x 600 (one of the most popular sizes) can replace with clutch 13 - 15 conventional or silicate bricks. When laying walls from such a building material, the number of joints and seams of various kinds, and therefore the amount of solution, are reduced by an order of magnitude.

The structural properties of the foam concrete blocks depend on the density of the foam concrete, which is used in their manufacture as well as on the accuracy of compliance with all technological processes. Such as recipe, type of cement, drying process and so on. The foam foam density is denoted by the English letter D, after which the figures indicate the value in kg per m3. For example, the marking "D600" indicates that the density of foam concrete in the block is 600. And the cubic meter weighs 600 kilograms. The higher the density of the foam concrete used, the stronger the foam concrete blocks.

Types of foam concrete blocks

According to the type of density, foam concrete blocks are subdivided according to their intended purpose into heat-insulating, structural - heat-insulating and structural. Low-density foam concrete blocks are not suitable for the laying of load-bearing walls, since they are less durable, and with high density - are not suitable for thermal insulation. Since the denser the material, the less air bubbles there are. And the worse its thermal insulation properties.

Foam concrete blocks typesDensity kg/m³Compressive Strength kg/cm²
Thermal Insulation4009,0
Construction Thermal Insulation60016

As you can see, the variation in parameters and the types of foam concrete brands are quite different. This makes it possible to select exactly the material for concrete types of construction and thermal insulation.

What are the size of the foam concrete blocks?

Standard dimensions of foam concrete blocks and their weight

Foam concrete block size (mm)Weight, depending on the brand of foam concrete, kg
Foam concrete blocks for building of walls
Foam concrete blocks for building wall-partition
  • The weights are for a relative air humidity of 75% and are approximate because they can vary significantly from one manufacturer to another.
  • Many manufacturers of foam concrete blocks are engaged in the production of foam concrete blocks of other sizes, for example 400x300x600, 250x300x600 for individual orders.
  • When shipped, foam concrete blocks are stacked on pallets and packed with polyethylene film. The table shows the number of foam concrete blocks on standard pallets.
Size, mmBlocks amount on a standard palletBlocks amount in 1 m³
600 х 300 х 2004027,7
300 х 200 х 4008055,4

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