How to manufacture foam concrete blocks

Us are often asked to tell in detail about the technology of foam concrete blocks and foam concrete manufacturing using foam concrete machines BAS series. The process is not really complicated.

How to make foam concrete blocks without troubles

But beginners or those who only plan to produce foam concrete want to know as much as possible about how to make foam concrete blocks. This allows you to avoid mistakes in production and save money. Therefore, we decided to help our customers. One of our customers has kindly provided a video on which is clearly shown how to make foam concrete blocks in a small production environment. Each of our units is accompanied by instructions and a recipe for foam concrete. In the video, the author tells about the intricacies with respect to recipes in different regions and touches on the topic of using "dead" cement.

Also on the video the author demonstrates the forms for foam concrete blocks from laminated plywood of the original design that he developed himself. And he talks about his experience working with different forms.

How to make foam concrete blocks profitable and easy

In order to understand how to make foam concrete blocks an economically profitable enterprise, each manufacturer must clearly understand what he wants to get eventually. If you plan to open the production of foam concrete blocks in order to build 1 to 2 houses, then you should not spend a lot of money for the installation of the BAS350 type. For these purposes, the BAS130 or BAS200 is also suitable. The BAS130 and BAS200 can be designed with power from 220 volts that allows you to make mobile work on pouring monolithic foam concrete wall couplings, partitions, etc. right on the site.

If you are planning to open a production of foam concrete blocks for sale, then it's worth thinking about more powerful equipment such as, BAS250, BAS350 or BAS500. It is necessary to understand that the purchase of this equipment implies the power supply from the 380-volt network.

In any case, we always recommend buying equipment with power from 380 volts. The main reason is the instability of 220 volt lines in most settlements. And the cost of equipment for 380 volts is much cheaper. This is due to the cost of electric motors from manufacturers. If you still decide to purchase a unit with a power of 220 volts - we strongly recommend connecting it via a voltage regulator. This will prevent your installation from failing.

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