How to manufacture foam concrete blocks?

We are often asked to tell in detail about the foam concrete blocks manufacturing technology and foam concrete using foam concrete machines BAS series. Even though this technology is really simple, in this article we will text how to make foamed concrete blocks and other lightweight clc products.

How to manufacture foam concrete blocks without troubles

But beginners or those who only going to start manufacture foam concrete want to know as much as possible about how to manuacture foam concrete blocks. This allows to avoid mistakes in production and save money. Therefore, we decided to help our customers. One of our customers has kindly provided a video on which is clearly shown how to manufacture foam concrete blocks in a small area. Each of our machine is accompanied by manual and a recipe for foam concrete mix. In the video, the author tells about the intricacies with respect to recipes in different regions and touches on the topic of using old and “dead” cement.

Also on the video our customer demonstrates the forms for foam concrete blocks manufacture from laminated plywood of the original design that he developed himself. And he talks about his experience with different lightweight concrete blocks forms.

How to manufacture lightweight concrete clc blocks profitable and easy

In order to understand how to make the production of foam concrete blocks economically profitable, each manufacturer must clearly understand what he wants to get from this business.

If you are going to start the manufacturing of foam blocks in order to build 1 – 2 houses, then you should not spend a lot of money on purchasing a machine like BAS350 or BAS500.

For these purposes, BAS130 or BAS200 is quite suitable. We manufacture BAS130 and BAS200 machines powered by a single-phase 110 or 220 volt main. This makes it possible to carry out mobile work on the construction of screeds, walls, partitions with monolithic foam concrete directly at the construction place.

If you are going to start the production of foam concrete blocks for sale as a business, then you should think about a more powerful machine like BAS250, BAS350 or BAS500. It is necessary to understand that the purchase of these machines implies power supply from a three-phase industrial main of 240 or 380 volts. It depends on standart for power supply in your country.

In any case, we always recommend purchasing machines powered by an industrial three-phase power supply main.
The main reason is the instability of the single phase power supply in most places.
If you nevertheless decide to purchase a machine powered by a 110/220 volt single-phase power supply network, then before that, first check whether it will withstand the power consumed by the foan concrete machine. This will protect your machine from damage. And your business from downtime.

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