How to start foam concrete blocks manufacturing?

How to start foam concrete bricks manufacturing? Where to buy machinery, and which manufacturer is better? Being tormented by this issue, initially we bought not what we needed. Although she paid herself and made a profit. For ourselves, we have drawn conclusions and now we can share our advice.

How to start the foam concrete bricks manufacturing – general questions

On many web-sites under the guise of feedback from happy customers you will see the sales managers creativity, telling about their “happiness”. Be sensitive and critical to any information.

When starting the production of foam concrete blocks, you should not purchase bulky and expensive complexes, since you first need to start producing that foam concrete mixture that suits you and meets the standards of your country with minimal costs. Build a customer base. Create and debug the work process in a team, etc. And only then you can start the enlargement of production.

Chemical additives recommended by the machines manufacturer must be available at a price and always available in stock from suppliers.

An important component of the workshop are molds for the foam concrete bricks manufacturing. Do not forget this. It is easier and more profitable to make molds independently or to order at the nearest metal warehouse. By the way when ordering foam concrete bricks machine – we can send molds drawings for you free.

Foam concrete machine choosing

Choose the foam concrete machine in accordance with the actual technical conditions (for example, the existing 110/220/380 volts main) that would then not have to solve unnecessary problems.

Technologically, the lightweight concrete machine must be with a top drive. The reason is that whatever the oil seals are, in any case, the cement slurry will do its job. And you very often will have to replace them.

When deciding how to open the production of foam concrete bricks, choose machine that is easy to operate and maintain. Even the presence of an additional valve – this is an extra 10-20 seconds. in the operate. And spare parts for repairs should be available at any time in the nearest store.

We do not impose our machinery, and we do not praise fanatically our foam concrete machines. They are primarily designed for beginners and small developers and contractors.

Just before buying the lightweight concrete machine – pay attention to our many years of experience.

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