Pack cutter for foam concrete manufacturing

What is a pack cutter?

The loading container with the function of a sack breaker is designed to facilitate and simplify the loading of cement into the mixer of equipment for the production of foam blocks or foam concrete. It is a removable unit in the form of a funnel with a jagged knife to cut the package.

What is helpful in a pack cutter?

The use of a pack cutter makes it easier to load cement. He tears the bag with the help of built-in teeth. And thanks to the fact that it is made in the form of a funnel, cement enters the mixer without waking up. The loading container made in the form of a sack breaker helps to save time for opening the bag. It also protects the equipment for the production of foam concrete from the sagging of cement when loaded from a bag into a mixer. This saves cement and makes cleaning easier after work.

On which equipment is the pack cutter installed?

According to your order, the pack cutter can be equipped with: BAS200, BAS250, BAS350, BAS500.

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