Power supply for foam concrete machines

Power supply for foam concrete machines is important in the manufacturing process

The most important of these conditions is the availability of a stable power supply declared in accordance with the requirements described in the technical data sheet.

But it happens that a beginner builder or a manufacturer of building materials who tries to start production by connecting equipment for foam concrete blocks makes mistakes.

Without reading the device's technical data sheet, it connects the foam plant to the AC mains using various types of extension cables that cause current losses in the network.

Our equipment for foam concrete blocks as well as any equipment for the production of foam concrete is a technically complex device. Which requires compliance with the operating conditions prescribed in the documentation for it.

The motors of the units are designed for a certain inrush current. The lack of this current leads to the failure of the starting winding of the electric motor.

Proper power supply for foam concrete machines

Here are some tips to help you avoid errors:
  • Carefully study the technical documentation for the equipment that you purchased in part.
  • Before connecting the equipment to an electric main, be sure that your network meets the requirements stated in the technical data sheet of the installation.
  • If you can not independently assess the compliance of your network with technical requirements, please invite a qualified electrician who can help you in this matter.
  • Avoid using a variety of self-made extension cords. They cause current losses in the network from which the power supply of equipment for foam concrete is carried out.
  • To avoid problems, if there are voltage surges in your AC network, we recommend connecting the units via a 3 to 4 kW voltage regulator (for example, the RESANT).

These simple guidelines will help you avoid unnecessary problems.

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