Rotation controller

This option is deprecated. At this moment foam concrete machines not manufactured with rotation controller.

What is the rotation controller

The rotary controller is a frequency converter of the supply voltage. At your request, it can be installed on the foam concrete machine BAS130 and BAS200 designed for power supply from the network 220 volts. To understand how it works, we suggest you read the video.

What is the use of a rotation controller?

Using the speed controller allows:
  • make a smooth start of the electric motor of the foam plant
  • change the rotation speed of the equipment shaft
  • change the direction of rotation of the equipment shaft
  • start the installation from the remote control

Smooth start of the electric motor increases the period of its operation. And accordingly reduces the risk of downtime due to the forced repair of the installation. The rotary control allows smoothly changing the speed of rotation of the shaft. Reduced speed of rotation of the shaft allows the plant to produce foam concrete of higher density without unnecessary loads on the foam concrete machine. Changing the direction of rotation of the shaft can also come in handy when operating the plant while stirring the building mix.

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