Advantages of foam concrete and other lightweight concretes

Advantages of foam concrete

We are often asked what the advantages of foam concrete over other types of cellular building materials based on cement are. In this article, we will try to concisely answer this question.

Energy saving

Foam concrete manufacturing by various technologies. And using different machines. In comparison with autoclave foam concrete or aerated concrete, makes it possible to much reduce the cost of thermal insulation of walls and roofs of residential and non-residential buildings and significantly reduce the construction time. The price of construction and other costs during installation is significantly reduced. For this reason, the advantages of foam concrete over other building and finishing materials become very obvious. This is achieved by saving electricity, which is spent on the production of foam concrete, reducing the number of workers employed in its production, the low cost of its components and the absence of complex and expensive construction equipment. Of no less importance is the reduction in the cost of maintaining houses and other buildings from foam concrete

Safety of foam concrete

Foam concrete does not burn, has high fire resistance, which makes it necessary and at times the only necessary material for the construction of fire-resistant and fire-prevention facilities. When exposed to intense heat or even fire on the surface of the foam concrete, it does not split up and does not explode, as it does with ordinary construction concrete. On tests conducted in Australia, the outside of the wall made of foam concrete with a thickness of 150 mm was subjected to heating to 12000C, and its internal surface was heated to only 460C after 5 hours of intensive testing. The material is absolutely non-toxic, non-toxic and does not have harmful emissions when heated and temperature drops typical of other insulating materials made of plastic or mineral wool. Lightweight concretes has a well-deserved recognition in the international community and is certified.

Insulation of foam concrete

Due to the fact that the foam concrete has a cellular structure, which is created by the installation for foam concrete, this material has a very low thermal transfer. This means that in most cases, the use of additional insulation in the floors and walls is not required.

Acoustic properties

Acoustic properties of foam concrete are such that sound is absorbed without being reflected from its surface, in contrast to walls made of concrete, bricks and other materials. Especially effectively, foam noise absorbs noise at low sound frequencies. Therefore, it is often used as a soundproof layer in concrete or brick structures to increase the sound insulation of floors in various houses and commercial buildings.


Foam concrete, which differs from mineral wool and various materials such as foam plastic, improves the thermal insulation and mechanical characteristics inherent in it over time. This is due to his prolonged internal maturation.

The production of modern building materials is not necessarily a large production hall, high pipes and clouds of contaminants. And the equipment for this production, too, need not necessarily be produced by the giants of the machine-building industry … Without reducing the merits of other building materials, I would like to pay attention to the foam concrete. Developed back in the early 30-ies of the last century, now this material is experiencing a second birth.

Our technical developments, the scarcity of staff and the almost complete absence of overheads make the cost of our equipment 30-40% lower than the cost of similar facilities for foam concrete sold on the market of construction equipment today. The number of parts and automation equipment is minimized, therefore in the installation there are no nodes that create the danger of any frequent breakdown. We will be glad to answer all your questions and suggestions.

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