Foam concrete blocks manufacturing is easy

Foam concrete blocks manufacturing

It has long been known that it is DIY foam concrete blocks manufacturing much more profitable than buying ready-made blocks of foam concrete.

DIY foam concrete blocks manufacturing: Why

Today, in the building materials markets, you can find of lightweight foam concrete blocks at very different prices. And often the quality of these blocks does not always depend on the price. The price of foam blocks may depend on many factors. And it is not always possible to clearly determine for yourself what criteria to choose foam blocks. That’s why the idea arises, about the possibility of making foam blocks with their own hands of the required size and density. In practice, if you calculate the cost of an independent production of foam blocks, the calculation looks very attractive. This is why experienced builders prefer to make foam blocks with their own hands.

DIY CLC blocks manufacturing: Prices

For production of 1 cubic meter foam concrete density D600 on our plants the following materials are needed:

  • 300 kg of cement
  • 300 kg of sand
  • 210 liters of water
  • 600 g of blowing agent
  • plasticizer UP-2
  • electricity for the operation of a foam concrete production plant

As of September 27, 2016, the average cost of 1 cubic meter of foam concrete in Russia is from 1,700 to 1,900 rubles. If you see somewhere more optimistic figures – do not believe it. Most likely it’s a trick to buy something for the production of foam concrete. In fact, you can meet the smaller figures if you have experience and / or access to materials at reduced prices, but this is not average figures. In any case, if you are going to make foam blocks with your own hands, then 90% of the cost is the cost of cement.

To make foam blocks yourself, you need: foam concrete equipment, air compressor, mold for clc blocks.

DIY foam concrete blocks manufacturing : Advices

If you are serious about starting to make foam blocks with your own hands, then do not neglect some of the tips:

Strict adherence to the recipe recommended by the manufacturer of the equipment. Any self-respecting manufacturer of foam concrete machines for sale will necessarily supply you with recipes for mixtures. We do this for free. When buying our equipment, you also receive recipes for the production of foam concrete. In order to avoid unnecessary costs and to not waste time, you should not experiment and invent something. Recipes are checked for years. Some beginners trying to save on cement try to reduce its quantity in the mixture. Should not be doing that.

Compliance with the operating conditions of the equipment. It is worth paying special attention to the power supply of installations for the production of foam concrete. If your network voltage is low, your installation may not start. Or even the starting winding of the electric motor can burn. This happens usually when a novice builder tries to start the installation by connecting it through a myriad of extensions or wires with a small section that does not meet the manufacturer’s recommendations.


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