BAS350 foam concrete machine for lightweight concretes manufacturing

Foam concrete machine BAS350

Video review of foam concrete machine BAS350

Video review of BAS350 is dedicated to the features of the foam concrete machine BAS350 which is intended for the production of foam concrete polystyrene concrete and other building materials. This is a mobile unit for the production of foam concrete with increased productivity, which should be paid attention to developers and construction companies. CLC machine BAS350 allows the production of pouring of walls, floors, ceilings and roofs. Filling of prepared building voids. Manufacturing blocks of foam concrete from polystyrene concrete of various sizes, density and purpose. In this video, the mechanician tells in simple words about the main features of the BAS350. The video also tells about how the plant for the production of foam concrete is serviced. The mechanician tells about the materials used in the production of foam concrete.

Features of CLC mixer BAS350

Foam concrete machine BAS350 is universal and allows to receive foam concrete, polystyrene concrete and other materials on the basis of a concrete mix. The foam concrete machine BAS350 creates an excessive internal pressure by the compressor and supplies the mixture to the foam concrete machine site by means of compressed air. The air compressor for this foam concrete machine is not included in the kit and is purchased separately.

This lightweight concretes mixer BAS350 are produced for power supply from the network 380 volts. The maximum width of this foam concrete machine is 1400 mm. Weight 216 kg. Such a small size and the presence of a wheel pair make it possible to move freely in already constructed buildings and buildings (for the production of screeds and other monolithic works from foam concrete and polystyrene concrete).

Advantages of foam concrete machine BAS350

Light weight and dimensions allow it to be transported in a trailer of a car or pickup truck, which reduces transportation costs. The undoubted advantage of this foam concrete machine is the increased performance at small sizes. Foam concrete mixer BAS350 is made in such a way that there is practically nothing to break. The only consumable in it is the graphite packing, which is sold in any auto store. Low cost of this foam concrete machine allows to reduce commercial risk of its operation to a minimum.

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