BAS500 foam concrete machine for lightweight concretes manufacturing

Foam concrete machine BAS500

Video review of BAS500 is dedicated to the features of the foam concrete machine BAS500 which is intended for the production of foam concrete polystyrene concrete and other building materials. This is a mobile machine for the lightweight concretes manufacturing with increased productivity, which should be paid attention to developers, contractors and construction companies. CLC machine BAS500 allows the building of pouring walls, floors, ceilings and roofs. Filling of prepared building voids. Manufacturing foam concrete blocks and other lightweight concretes products of various sizes, density and purpose. In this video, the mechanician tells in simple words about the main features of the BAS500. The video also tells about how the plant for the production of foam concrete is serviced. The mechanician tells about the materials used in the production of foam concrete.

BAS500 features

Foam concrete machine BAS500 can be used both for stationary manufacturing and as mobile. It is an indispensable machine in the building of cottages, homes, garages, special facilities  e t.c.. 

The BAS500, at its widest point, is 1200mm wide. Small size and the presence of the wheel set allow free movement it in already constructed buildings (for the foam concrete cap constructing e t.c.).

Light weight and small dimensions allow it to be transported in a trailer of a car or pick-up, which reduces transportation and other costs.

Advantages of foam concrete machine BAS500

The BAS500 machinery has been designed taking into account the construction site requirements, with particular attention to small dimensions, simple use, easy cleaning and maintenance. This foam concrete machine is made in such a way that there is practically nothing to break. The only consumable item in it is the graphite lubricant, which is sold in any technical store. Low cost of this machine allows to reduce business risk of its uses to a minimum.

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  1. Shyam Doodnauth

    Can this mixer be used to produce SISTROM products? I mean, all the products, not only blocks.

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