Monolithic foam concrete manufacturing using lightweight concrete

Monolithic foam concrete and polystyrene concrete

Monolithic foam concrete is a material that can be produced directly on the construction site. This process is not complicated and fast.

Monolithic foam concrete and its advantages

High qualification of builders when working with a monolithic foam concrete is not at all necessary. For the production of monolithic foam concrete, a special closed installation for foam concrete (for example BAS130) is used, in which under pressure for a few minutes it is possible to produce ¼ part of cubic meter of foam concrete. Its weight is 140 kg, and if necessary, it moves easily on wheels through the construction site. Monolithic foam concrete as a building material saves you from the overhead costs inherent in the production of blocks of foam concrete. So for example you do not need forms and additional materials associated with the manufacture of foam blocks.

Construction technology from monolithic foam concrete

The first stage is the erection of the formwork. The material for the construction of removable formwork can be a plywood tree or a metal frame. The latter consists of galvanized light profiles with a thickness of 1-3 mm, a height of 100-300 mm. Then the frame is faced with slabs, gypsum board, brick and various blocks can be used for fixed formwork.

For the construction of a removable formwork, plywood, a wooden frame, a vinyl or metal lining are used. It all depends on the building you are building.

After the construction of the formwork or in the process of its erection, it is necessary to take care of a bunch that increases the strength of the structure. This can be reinforcement, metal bars, mesh and other similar materials.

The next stage is the pouring of foam concrete into the formwork. When pouring foam concrete if a non-removable frame is used, cables and communications are laid in its voids, heating and water pipes are provided. As a result of the use of non-removable formwork after casting it with concrete, a multi-layer finished wall is obtained, which practically does not require external finishing.

The construction of monolithic houses and buildings from the foam concrete of the day is one of the most promising technologies. This technology allows you to build buildings of any shape and height in the shortest possible time. The construction of buildings made of foam concrete is beneficial for both companies and future owners, since for heating or cooling such a house, much less energy and therefore money is needed.

The video shows the progress of the construction of a monolithic foam concrete house on a foam concrete production plant BAS130. This is not a real video produced by our client.

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