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Foam concrete machines BAS-series produced by our company belongs to mobile machinery for manufacturing and pumping foam concrete, polystyrene concrete, and other lightweight concrete mortars. It can be used directly on construction sites. These machines can work both permanently and mobile. These machines are an indispensable tools in the construction of cottages, holiday homes, garages and other small and big buildings. The BAS series lightweight concrete machines are actively and universally used for the foam concrete products manufacturing, and for the foam concrete CLC blocks production.

Our company offers reliable portable lightweight concrete machines for the lightweight concretes manufacturing, which will be useful for company manufacturers of building materials, as well as for developers and contractors.

To start the foam concrete manufacturing, you will only need to connect a machine to the power main. The number of components and automation parts are minimized. Therefore, in our high-quality foam concrete machines there are no nodes that create the danger of failure.

The foam concrete mortar formulars are selected in such a way that special dispensers and trained stuff are not required. Each machine is completed with a detailed technical manual. Without much effort, you can start lightweight concretes or clc blocks manufacturing easy and in short time.

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